The Revival

Many designers ride a high and then filter into obscurity for sometime. This isn’t uncommon in the fashion industry. For most it means they are working on their next collection or taking some much needed R&R.

The past few years have seen this happen for designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I can help but love both of these iconic brands.

Louis Vuitton rose to fame in 1854 in Paris, France, (someday I will get to go!). They began by making their famous trunks later developing the much loved suitcase. These items can take up to 60 hours to make.


Louis Vuitton continued making different styles of trunks and introduced different patterns over the years to prevent others from imitating his design, which many tried to do. Louis Vuitton passed away in 1892 which lead to his son George taking over management of the company. His vision for the brand was to make the company a worldwide corporation. In doing this he created the signature monogram canvas and patented it, successfully stopping counterfeiting during the 19th Century. In later years, Louis Vuitton ‘fakes’ were very popular accounting for high numbers of goods seized, approximately 18%.

The brand continued to grow which lead to the introduction of the first handbag in 1930, “The Keepall Bag”. In 1932 “The Noé” came to be with “The Speedy” following soon after, both of these bags continue to be manufactured today and firm favourites within the fashion industry.

Over the years the company has grown and gone from strength to strength developing not only trunks and handbags but also menswear and womenswear. It has done multiple collaborations over the years with advertisements frequently featuring famous faces. This has lead to an increase in brand popularity with “The Neverfull” becoming a favourite amongst many bloggers and celebrities.

Handbags such as the Speedy and Neverfull, not to forget the Pochette Meis, are all highly sought after nowadays with many posting about them on blogs and instagram, (Yes I realise I have just done this). I will not hide the fact that I am very bias toward these bags. I purchased the Neverfull GM with Pivoine lining about a year ago. It has been the best bag I have bought and I love a handbag.

For those contemplating this purchase…..DO IT!!

This bag is extremely spacious and lightweight. Essentially this means you can grab it and go. It goes with any outfit. And it also comes with a small detachable pouch inside. The cost of this bag has increased over the past year, it’s now £925 whereas I paid £840, so if you are thinking about it, I wouldn’t wait unless you want to pay more!

I definitely have a few Louis Vuitton items on my wishlist compared to what would of been on it a number of years ago. Make sure and check out the new Louis Vuitton Collection: MASTERS LV X KOONS.

Another high end brand I feel this has happened to is Gucci. Gucci was founded by Guccio Gucci, in Florence in 1921. Gucci become one of the world’s most high -end manufacturers in leather goods, clothing and other fashion items. Guccio, together with his sons, Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo, expanded into Milan and Rome. Gucci continued to grow from 1950s to the late 1970s, moving into New York and developing iconic fashion lines.

In 1964 the double-G logo was used for belts and other accessories. The Gucci belt has became a major player in today’s fashion world seen daily on bloggers and celebrities alike.

Unfortunately Gucci faced controversy in 1980’s for a fair number of years due to tax evasion scandals. Following this Gucci brought Tom Ford in to revamp the brand, he later got promoted to creative director. Ford was with Gucci until 2004. Gucci is currently under the direction of Marco Bizzarri.

Since joining Gucci in 2014 the brand has gained a greater following and more admired by its peers. It has became a constant in the fashion blogs, (Yes I’ve done it again), and fashion news. I believe it has became one of the most pursued brands within the last couple of years, not only because I want half of their collection, (I really do!).

Alessandro Michele, current creative director at Gucci, reintroduced the iconic double-G logo in 2015. The flamboyance of the new direction of Gucci  was what made it appealing. Pops of colour, flowers and cartoon emblems made way for a younger audience to have an interest in the “new” Gucci. Accessories became a focus of Gucci, shoes, handbags and belts to name a few were all and continue to be popular items for all fashionistas.

Gucci’s anonymity is certainly no more, the playful approach has brought Gucci back to the forefront of fashion making it one of the hottest and most coveted brands today.

As a lover of fashion and new trends the one thing I understand more than most is trying to keep current. Forever saving for the next item on ‘my list’, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are firm favourites of that list. Along with many other designers from Mulberry to Christian Louboutin, I doubt my list will ever be uninhabited.

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Slip & Slide

One of the biggest trends for summer has been the introduction of the slide shoe. From designer labels to high street brands, everyone is getting involved. Below are some of our top picks that you don’t want to miss out on.


What will you be wearing your slides with this summer? From retro denim to chic summer dresses, slides have became the must have shoe to wear. Lets not forget the classic summer sandal and much-loved espadrilles, they continue to be a popular choice year after year. I for one am in awe of the Chanel espadrilles, (I will get them….eventually). ♥ A simple shoe to go with every outfit. Whats not to love? This is the part when I try and plan how i’ll not eat for a month to buy these…if only!



What is your summer shoe must have? Leave us a comment and share with us!

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Patterns, stripes and big frills

Since the start of the year many trends have came and went. Our catwalks have seen the introduction of head to toe patterned ensembles as well as extreme minimalism, not to mention the comeback of the stripes and it certainly looks like the big frills are here to stay.

The high street has followed suit with the likes of zara and topshop stocking their shelves with co-ord outfits. The M&S jumper came and went in the winter, (yes I had this as well), are theses new trends just fads for the season?

The floral arrangements are perfect for the spring/summer, whether its raining or the sun is shining bright, the bright colours are sure to make anyone feel like a breathe of fresh air. I doubt this trend will survive long after the summer months. A major fan of stripes right here, such a versatile pattern for those who like a causal outfit or love to dress up.

As for frills…who doesn’t love a frill? It all started with trumpet sleeves and now you’d be hard pushed to find a piece of clothing without a frill somewhere. From peplums to ruffled necklines, the frills look like they will be around for the foreseeable future.

Zara 25.99 Top with flowers and frills
Zara £25.99
Stradivarius 35.99 Stripped strappy jumpsuit
Stradivarius £35.99

People always say fashion comes back around and this is very evident with the latest trend to be seen on multiple catwalks….tie-dye. This trend has always caused much controversy, you either loved it or hated it. Who knows what we will see next?

It’s hard not to find a pattern, stripe or frill when out shopping at the minute. Are the plain patterns gone for summer? Do we all need to jump on the bandwagon now?

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